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We are a Utah state and federally approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Having been fortunate enough to gain a good education ourselves, we desire to pay it forward and enable those who would otherwise not have the opportunity to gain an education to be able to do so.


Public schooling in Afghanistan is lacking in proper resources (such as subjects with no teachers, and the children are expected to try to teach themselves). In order to get a proper education, parents need to send their children to private schools. This costs $30/child/month, and while this may not seem much to us, it is much too expensive for the average Afghan family. If the parents are able to afford to send some of their children to private school, they are most likely to send their boys.

Afghanistan has been a war zone for many years. Even those who are able to come to America as refugees likely will not have had the same level of education as their American peers and many will not have had the opportunity to learn English. America is a foreign country to these refugees, with different customs and traditions. They have come here with little to no provisions, looking for a place of refuge and a new beginning.

Let's help these refugees find their home here by feeling at home and having the comforts of home here. Let's help them live the American dream by gaining an education, having affordable health expenses through medical insurance, and having the resources necessary to have the freedom they deserve.


If you prefer to donate to a specific cause or student, please specify under "Add special instructions to the seller" and we will make sure your donation is applied appropriately.

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