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In August 2021, following the USA's evacuation of Afghanistan, we regrettably had to temporarily suspend our operations. However, as of January 2022, we resumed one of our three initiatives in Kabul, Afghanistan – the Elementary Program, with a primary focus on supporting girls. Unfortunately, under the current government, girls over 14 years of age are not permitted to attend school.

Our initiative targets students in grades 3-5 (usually ages 8-13), offering crucial academic support to those who lack assistance at home with homework. This need often arises due to factors such as parents not having received an education, some students being orphans engaged in child labor, or others working full-time in rug-making factories, leaving them too fatigued for additional studies.

Public schools in Afghanistan face challenges in meeting individual needs, leading to girls in our program facing difficulties and failing 1-2 subjects. In Afghanistan, failing a subject necessitates repeating the entire academic year. To address this, our program provides tutoring both before and after school, specifically targeting subjects with higher failure rates, such as English, Reading and Writing, and Math. This approach aims to prevent these girls from having to repeat classes.

At present, our program is facilitated by two dedicated teachers instructing three classes, benefiting a total of 65+ students per semester. Students are identified by the faculty and administration at Sayed UI-Shuhada, and Hope for Afghanistan provides essential support by covering teachers' tuition, classroom rents, and school supplies. The annual cost of running this program is $5000.

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