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HOPE for Afghanistan

We have a strong belief in the power of education and what it can do to change a nation. Given the circumstances currently in Afghanistan, parents can't afford to give their children (especially their girls) a proper education. We hope to change that, one child at a time.

Now, more than ever, is the time to advocate for equality.  To help give others an opportunity to become what they were born to be.  To not give up, because we still have HOPE.

Whether it's helping support refugees from Afghanistan living here in the Salt Lake Valley to acquire basic living necessities, or sponsoring women in Afghanistan to go to school, we will make sure your donation goes where it is needed most.

Interested in donating your time in addition to your money? That's perfect, because we could use people like you on our team! We have volunteers who are currently helping Afghan refugees to learn English. This is just one example of how we could use your time. Please contact us so we can discuss the best option for you.

Health, Opportunity, and Power to Afghans through Education. Our main goal is to help adolescents and women in Afghanistan to have the resources necessary to gain a proper education. 

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